Earn Money with your Laptop

How to Earn Money Just with your Laptop by Working from Home? Freelancing & Earn Money with Laptops.

Working with your Laptop just from your Home gives you a good monthly income. This Covid-19 Lockdown has also made us more resilient and braver to overcome the painful situation and get back to work from which ever location you are currently situated.

Have you Lost your Job in this Lockdown?

Are you a mother to your new-born kid? Are you Looking for Work from home opportunities?

Are you a family man who needs to take care of your loved one by setting up your home office and working from home?

Yes, This Lockdown has changed us a lot.

Changed our Life!

Changed our Working Situation!

Changed our Working Location!

Yes, I know your pain. I can understand your concern that you are looking to work from your home and earn a profitable income by working from your home today just with your laptop.

Here are the top freelancing skills you need to master the art to earn at least a 2000 USD Per month by working from your home.

  • Graphic Designing using Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop.
  • Content Writing with Copywriting Skill.
  • Digital Marketing Skill.
  • Tuition Training for the School Kids.
  • Language Training for the Working Professionals.
  • Career based Trainings.

Let’s now checkout on every skill that you need to master for earning a decent good income by working from your home. I would also say that working from your Home Job requires a good communication and writing skill along with digital marketing skill.

None of the Skill can be attained in a Single day. You need to persistently learn the skill and focus on mastering the skill.

You should also be a PRO in the Digital marketing to get the projects through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and through the Freelance Platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer.com, Upwork Etc.

Graphic Designing using the Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.

Graphic Designing is the most wanted skill in 2022! Are you passionate in designing? If Yes, Graphic Designing provides you with a lot of opportunity in both Digital Media and Print Media.

Freelancing Projects you can execute as a Graphic Designer,

  • Photo Editing using the Adobe Photoshop.
  • Creating illustrations Designs using the Adobe illustrator.
  • Creating the Print Media Designs such as Visiting/Business Cards, Brochures, Pamphlets, Flyers, Magazine Layouts, Newsletters Etc.
  • Creating Presentations such as Investor Pitch Decks and Company Profiles and many more.

How to get the Freelance Projects as a Graphic Designer?

You can register yourself in the Platforms such as Fiver.com, Freelancer.com, Upwork.com and create your profile as a Graphic designer. Create some Gigs to mention your costing and display few of your works to be clients.

Create a Facebook Page and Instagram Page, Showcase your works in the Page. Share your Facebook Page links to the number of Facebook Groups.

You can also run Facebook Ad Campaign by Boosting a Specific Post to several Audience. You can get a good return on the investment through the Facebook Ads.

Example, I have Invested 5000 Indian Rupees (INR) and executed a Facebook Campaign in the Month of February 2022, I have received projects worth of 90,000 Indian Rupees (INR).

Let’s understand about the Facebook Ad campaign in our future blogs.

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Content Writing & Copywriting Skill

Digital Content Writers & Copywriting is the most demanded Job in this 2022. Digital Content writers create the contents for the Websites, Social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs such as Medium, Blogger and more. Copywriters create the Marketing copies such as Brochures, Pamphlets contents Etc.

You should have a good Language Writing Skill such as English Content Writing or any Regional Content Writing skill along with grammatical and proof-reading skill to excel in the Content writing and Copywriting.

Most of the Content Writers also write the Search Engine Optimized Contents for the Websites which include the Keyword research, Title Tag, Meta Tag and Meta Description Etc.

Digital Marketing Skill

Digital Marketing is one of the top-rated skills which is on demand for any businesses across the globe. Any Digital Marketer should have the complete knowledge of the Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Campaign Etc.

Any Freelance Digital Marketer would make not less than 1000 USD Per Month. Digital Marketing Freelancers usually would work for more than one client at once.

Tuition Training for School Kids

Are you Looking out for conducting an online Tuition training for the students? Tuition Training for the School and College students through Zoom/Google Meet Online Classes has become more needy during this Covid Situation.

Several School Students and College Students are studying from their home in this Covid Lockdown. Are you good in Mathematics, Science or Social Studies?  

If yes, you can become a Tuition Teacher/Trainer and earn your monthly income by training the students online.

Language Training for the Working Professionals

Many of the Software Developers, Marketing Executive lack the communication & language skill.

Across the Globe people are not only learning the Official Language which is English but people across the Globe are also trying to learn the other languages which are the regional languages in the country and the International Languages which includes the French, Dutch and more.

Become a Multilingual by improving your skill in the different languages along with grammar and vocabulary so to become a language trainer. Language Trainers are earning not less than 1500 USD Per month.

Career based Training

Are you good at coding?

Are you good at Email Etiquette?

Are you good at Office Etiquette?

Are you good at Public Speaking?

If yes, you can become a Career Coach who teaches the students on the Etiquette along with the other career-based skills. Are you good at developing a PHP Website?  Now you can train the students in PHP through Online.

You have several platforms where you can enrol yourself as a trainer and connect with the students.

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