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Perfect Company Profile Presentation [Guideline] for your Company with Creative Contents.

Guidelines to Create the Perfectly Crafted Company Profile Presentation for your Company

Staying up to date in your business is quite essential for any businesses. Are you a Start-up Company business owner? Do you attend frequent meetings with your clients?

Do you Pitch your clients about your products and services in your business meetings? If yes, you should have a digital company profile presentation which has the complete details about your company and the services you offer.

Are you Emailing your client about your business? Why not attach a Company Profile with your email so your clients can go through the services rendered by your company. Create a Killer power point presentation to impress your Audience.

Create an Awesome contents with your Playful Presentation Ideas with modern design and icons to explain the contents in a storytelling model. Create an outstanding presentation with the Infographic designs to your Audience.

Topics to be covered in your Company Profile Presentation,

  • Title Slide.
  • About the Company.
  • Company’s History.
  • Growth and Development.
  • Mission & Vision Statement of the Company.
  • Overview of the Products and Services.
  • Leadership Team/Our Team
  • Industry Recognitions.
  • Client Portfolio.
  • Testimonies from the Clients.
  • Case Studies.
  • How to connect with you?

When you create the presentation keep your objectives/goals in your mind on how to create a greater impact with your audience reading your company profile. Creating a Story Telling Presentation will impress your Audience. Example, talk about the problems faced by the Industry or the Sector and in the next slide explain on how your company would be solving the problems.

Use the Infographics in the presentation to showcase the creative way of the Story telling through the Slides. Use the right colour which matches the colour of the Logo of your company.

Using certain illustration in the presentation will improve the visual impact of the presentation. Introduce the Features of the services of you provide in your company with the creative contents.

Your Presentation should be Interactive? Do you Know how to create an Interactive Company Profile Presentation?

Never Worry, Ask Frequent Questions in your Presentation to engage with your Readers. Asking the questions will increase the curiosity of your client to know more about the contents given in the presentation.

Choosing the Right Design of the Presentation is important, are you choosing the right template of the Presentation to explain to your client. There are 2 types of presentation,

  • Vector based Presentation.
  • Images based Presentation.

Don’ts when creating the Company Profile Presentation Design.

  • Do not make your presentation as complete marketing or pushy sales presentation. Users/Audience will be only happy to read the quality contents or information’s given in the presentation.
  • You should never persuade your audience using the sales technique. Always make the presentation as informative and catchy for the Users.
  • Never use too much shining or glossy or shimmering colours in your Presentation. Use the Calm and Bold colour to create an Impact with your Audience.
  •   Never Copy any of the Contents from any of your Competitors Website or in the Company profile of your competitors. Copying will give a very bad impression to your audience.
  • Never be in a rush to make your company profile live and sharing to your audience/clients. Always to the right check on the Phrases, Languages used in the profile.  

Let’s now understand in-depth on creating every slide of the company profile in the Story telling Format. I would also want to let you know the tools to be used to create the best company profile presentation design.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
  • Canva
  • Adobe Spark
  • Pic Monkey
  • Visme
  • Prezi

Now Let’s design your First Slide,

Title Slide.

The Title Slide of the Company Profile should display your Logo with the Clear Tag Line. The Title Slide should have the 50% bigger font size compared to the other fonts used in your Presentation. This will provide an attraction your presentation. You need to put up your efforts in developing the right contents, choosing the right title font, choosing the right tag line for your presentation.

About the Company.

The “About the Company” Slide will be explaining the short contents about your company along with the products and services of your company. The Slide should maximum have some 3 paragraphs which has minimum 2 to 3 lines each paragraph.  

Company’s History.

The History of your Company must be provided in the creative infographic style in your Presentation. Using the Infographics will improve the readability of your contents and will never leave the audience unattended during the glance of your presentation.

Growth and Development.

How did your company start? How did your company evolve? Let the Audience know more in-detail about your company. Never stop in explaining your Audience about your professional growth. A Professional growth said in a humble statement will impress your readers/audience.  

Mission & Vision Statement of the Company.

Never Forget to mention the Mission and Vision Statement of your Company. Your clients would be very interested to understand the vision of the founder through the context mentioned in the Mission/Vison Slide of your Company Profile.

Overview of the Products and Services.

Now your time has come to pitching the products and services rendered by your company. When explaining about the products and services never miss the problems you would be solving. Any Client would be interested to do business with you when you are solving their business problems.

Leadership Team/Our Team.

Introduce your Team. I should mention you that Microsoft PowerPoint has several Infographic Styles to represent the hierarchy of the team in the presentation. Introduce your Founder & your Team with the short profile of theirs.

Industry Recognitions.

How many Awards and Recognitions have you got? Yes, why not explain the complete Awards and Recognitions in one Slide to impress your Audience.

Client Portfolio.

Tell your New Client about the Previous work experiences. Provide the Logos of the Clients you have worked with. This will give a great trust to your client to work with your company.

Testimonies from the Clients.

Ask your Previous Clients to provide some of the testimonies of working with you. Add the Client Testimonies in this Slide.

Case Studies.

Have you Solved any major client’s problem that has added a great value to their business? If yes tell the story to your clients on, how did you handle the problem. How did overcome the problem to support your client.  

How to connect with you?

Never Forget to mention your contact details such as Phone Number, Email ID, Address, and the Location Map in your Presentation.

Understand the Tricks of the Presentation Designing.

  • Use the Links wherever required in the Presentation.
  • Add WhatsApp Link in your Presentation in the Contact us Slide. Example my contact number is +91 7618-76-484, The WhatsApp Link is
  • Use the Infographics with Images or Icons which improves your design factor.
  • Use Google Fonts to Select the Right Fonts before you change the Font Type in the Presentation.
  • Attach a Video in the Presentation only when sharing the Presentation in the PPT Format. If you are sharing the presentation in the PDF format, never use the Video as it will not play with your PDF.
  • Use Transitions and Presentation Animation when Pitching to your Client. Use PPT to Pitch to your Client.
  • Add Charts and Graphs in your Presentations to make it more professional design.

Presentation is not just sharing a piece of the information in the PDF or PPT Format. Be Clear and Consistent with your approach of the Story telling. Never misguide your audience with Catchy Slide title and no information in the content. Make your Slide balance both copywriting and the Content writing. Always think about the Audience view when creating and drafting your presentation.

Happy Presentation Designing!

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