Content Writing Services by VM AFFLUENCE

Inspire your readers & audience with a great content on your Website and Marketing copies!

VM AFFLUENCE is a content authoring company engrossed on producing the contents for the Websites, Pamphlets, Marketing Profiles, Corporate Profiles, Pitch Decks, Social Media Posters, Blogs, E-Books, and more. VM AFFLUENCE creates the Perfect Presentations / Pitch Decks with artistic content and infographic design for awe-inspiring your onlookers. We create the highly persuasive contents for selling & educating your audience.

We, At VM AFFLUENCE create and design the precise presentations (PPT Designing) with best compelling stories that encourage and cheer up the audience to flip through the presentations. Create sumptuous & opulent presentations with infographics, icons, content, photos and more.

VM AFFLUENCE conveys ideas in your marketing copy with visuals, stories, data, statistics and more. Instil the curiosity of your audience with a perfectly brainstormed presentation design. We create the flawless design for Presentations, Pamphlets, and Marketing Copies with great ingenuity & creativity to suit your business ideas.

VM AFFLUENCE creates the adequate & skilful design with Industry based contents with the right plagiarism check. With tools such as Canva, Visme, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, we create the excellent design for your marketing copy. We create entrancing stories that inspire & motivate your audience. Keeping your spectators in mind we conceptualize your content before designing your presentation or marketing copy.

Types of Pitch Decks/Presentations we work on,

  • Educational Pitch Deck.
  • Investor Pitch Deck.
  • Webinar Presentation.
  • Sales Pitch Deck.
  • Report Writing & Presentation.
  • Keynote Presentation.
  • Informational Presentation.
  • Corporate Reports.
  • Annual Reports.
  • Marketing Brochures.
  • Product Presentation.
  • Event Presentation.
  • Training Presentation.
  • Product Catalogue.
  • Franchise Pitch Deck.
  • Training Deck.
  • Go-To Market Pitch Deck.
  • Corporate Pitch Deck.
  • Business Pitch Deck.

What is a Presentation Design?

VM AFFLUENCE uses images, stories, contents, infographics, charts, and data with graphs to tell your clientele a creative and compelling story. A dreary or lacklustre or confusing presentation can be tiresome and uninteresting to the readers. Creating a presentation full of designer content with stylish fonts give your audience a visual outlook of your entire presentation. Creating the high-implication presentations with a storytelling concept that encourages readers to change their preconceptions.

Why should you create a Presentation?

Educate your Audience

Instil the Knowledge to your audience by furnishing the complete information on the Keynote Topics.

Inculcate your clients

Visual Representation of the Contents in the form of the Infographics & Graphs to explain the Concepts and the data’s.

Delight your Audience

Captivate your Audience and lead them to the Call-to-Action Page of the presentation by providing the Persuasive & Influential Contents.

Awaken their Readability

Beautifully Crafted Presentations can persuade the audience to act upon their instinct to accelerate the next step forward.

Types of the Marketing Collaterals we work on,

  • Social Media Posters Contents with Design such as Instagram Post, Facebook Post, YouTube Videos, Twitter Images with contents.
  • Presentations for the Company Profile and Marketing Profile.
  • Animated Instagram Post.
  • Digital Posters.
  • Digital Letterhead.
  • Blog Banner.
  • Infographic Images.
  • Creative Resumes Writing.
  • A4 Document.
  • Letter.
  • Proposal.
  • Magazines Creation.
  • Professional Reports.

VM AFFLUENCE Creates Search Engine Optimized Contents for your Website.

Gearing up with the Keywords and the terminologies in the Contents by adoption the right content strategy required for your enterprise/industry is the intention of writing the Search Engine Optimized Contents for your Website. We help you to improve your search engine rankings by writing the contents with the SEO-optimized factors for your website.

The Keyword density, Structure of the contents, Readability of your contents adds a greater value to make your contents to stands out for a greater visibility in the Search Engines. We use your keywords consistently in your website contents without overusing the keywords that aren’t intriguing to your users and which would also not add the curiosity to the users and the users would end up in closing the page and the website may have a high bounce rate.

Adding the sufficient internal links in your Web page is also a prerequisite to improve your SEO Factors. Usually, the High-Quality contents are being fetched by google more than the unstructured or low quality of the contents with grammatical errors and inconsistent contents, we focus on building the right structed content with the plagiarism check and the necessary keywords rather than adding a huge keyword to your page. Organic Search Engine Visibility and the SERP Ranking is increased through the SEO Keywords and the SEO Contents written in your website.

Top Search Engine Factors We consider in the SEO Optimized Content,

  • We write the Contents of your Website by keeping your Audience reading the contents of your website.
  • Include the Internal Links in the Blog Post which that leads to Call-to-Action Page (CTA).
  • The Blog Title should be the “Search Term” used by the Users/Readers use to Search the Topic Keywords in the Search Engines.
  • Include the relevant data metrics in your Blog.
  • Include the Metadata, Header tags, page title and Anchor text to your Blog.
  • We create the contents in the readable format that is short paragraph in 2 to 3 lines of each paragraph.
  • Write the Blog which is more than 2000 Words each article.
  • We create the Contents by understanding the featured snippet display in our mind.  

Structure of your Web Page contents will be useful for the SEO,

Organizing your website contents structured duly will ensure that your contents are streamlined properly. Adding the header tags to your Web Page contents will make sure that your contents will be indexed by SERP.

Heading No 1 – The Title of the Page.

Heading No 2 – The Vital Pointers of the Article.

Heading No 3 – The Subtopics under the Heading No 2.

The addition of the keyword in the heading will ensure that your contents are indexed based on the Search Query.