Macha Green Tea has more Antioxidants compared to Green Tea!!

Macha Green tea has gained more popularity from the grocery shops to the coffee shops across the Globe. Macha Green tea is grown from Camellia sinensis plant and has a unique nutrient. Macha is grown by covering the tea plant for 30 days by avoiding the direct contact with the sun.

The Stem and Veins of the Macha Green tea are removed during the harvest and the leaves are grounded up as fine power known as Matcha.

Macha Green tea has unearthed several health benefits by aiding in weight loss.

The catechins in matcha is up to 137 times greater than in other types of green tea.

Including Macha Green tea in your diet can help you to increase the antioxidants intake.

The researchers found that matcha caused improvements in attention/focus, reaction time, and memory power.

Macha Green tea has a numerous health benefit that helps you in protecting your heart and improve your heart health.

Macha Green tea 2 to 3 Cups a day increases your body metabolism and reduces the fat storage in your body, Keeping you Slim and Fit.

How to Prepare the Macha Green tea?

Mix the 2 table spoons of Matcha Power to the Hot Water and drink it for a good health.

Macha Green tea can be taken with little consistency for a thinner tea or thicker for good consistency of the tea.

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