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Website Content Writing Services by VM AFFLUENCE is based on the right keyword research, targeting the right audience by providing the quality contents to the readers.  The Contents are based on complete research of the subject along with the keeping in minds that the humans will read the contents. Our VM AFFLUENCE Content Writing is not for BOTS, and it is complete written for the audience.

Google is a very powerful search engine platform. Any Contents written on the Website will be and should be crawled by Google. Any Business Owner should keep in mind that the contents written by them should be visible in search engine so their revenues can improve automatically based on the traffic received on the website.

Checklist for creating the best contents for your Website,

  • Creating the readable contents for the audience.
  • Crafting the Website contents with the right keywords.
  • Creating the Contents based on the targeted location.
  • Writing Contents with the Long Tail Keywords.
  • Writing “How to do” and “Guidelines” Blog Contents for the Website.
  • Creating the Quality contents with Searchers Intent.
  • Writing Consistent and Persistent Blogs to Improve the Traffic based on the Keywords.
  • Analysing the Competitors Website to create the Quality Blogs.
  • Using the right keyword tools and creating the list of keywords.

Step #1 – Researching the Topic of the Website

We, At VM AFFLUENCE write the best quality contents for your Website by analysing what the readers are looking for.

We understand how the contents are created in the competitor’s website and we also do the keyword research using the tools such as Semrush, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Ahref Keyword Planner and more.

We, At VM AFFLUENCE also make sure that our contents are very much qualified, and we also create the best quality contents compared to the competitors.

We also research on the subtopic of the contents we are writing for the website. We do the complete phrasing, rephrasing, changing the synonyms and doing the plagiarism checks with the tools such as Grammarly, Plagiarism Detector, Unicheck, PlagScan Etc.

Step #2 – Website Content Writing Style

We create the contents with the right keywords in the contents. We create the readable contents for the audience. We do not create the contents by dumping the search keywords.

We create a Quality content which are more useful for the users.  We create the contents with the right call to action and links which are connecting one blog to another blog.  

Internal Links will improve the visibility of the Website Contents in Google Search Engine.

We create the contents with Heading 1, Heading 2 & Heading 3 Etc. Headings will be fetched in Google Search.

Guidelines to add keywords to WordPress website,

  • Adding minimum and maximum of 6 to 8 Keywords in the Contents including the Heading, Contents, Meta Title, Meta Description, Alt Image Tag, Caption of the Image Etc.
  • Adding a Combination of High Quality & High Traffic long tail keyword with Low traffic keyword in the contents.
  • Adding Headings with Keywords.
  • Adding Website internal Links.
  • Adding Categories with Search Keywords.
  • Adding Website Tags.

Why WordPress is best for SEO?

WordPress is a very user-friendly website where the title and the links of the website can be edited, and the keywords can be provided in the links of the Website.

WordPress has several plugins including the Yoast SEO where the Meta Title and Meta Description can be added.

Alt Tag and the Caption of the Image can be provided in WordPress Website.

Site Title and the Site Description can be provided in the WordPress Website.

The Expert of the Website Page can be provided in the WordPress Website so, the website page expert can be fetched by Google Search Engine.

WordPress Blogs can be faster compared to the WordPress Website having more images.

WordPress comes with a million of themes which are optimized for Mobile Layouts.

WordPress SEO dominates the Google Search engine compared to the other CMS Platforms.

Step #3 – Meta Title and Meta Description

Meta Title will be providing the Title of the Page for the Search Engines. Providing the Keyword in the Meta Title will improve the search results.

Meta Description will be providing the Description of the Page Or the details of the page to the Search Engine. Providing the proper contents for the Meta Description with the right keywords will improve the search results.

Each WordPress or any CMS Website should have unique Meta Title and Meta Description.

Meta Title is 80 Characters and Meta Description is 150 Characters long.

Using the Certain Emoji like tick mark will add some good visibility in terms of design to your Search Engine.

What are the tools to run the SEO Audit for any Website?

  • SEM rush Site Audit.
  • Ahref Site Audit.
  • Deep Crawl Site Audit.

Step #4 – Providing the Story based Contents for Website

Readers of the contents are always amused by the creative way the website content flows on. Providing the Quality contents with the Keywords does not only quality the Website traffic.

The Content should always focus on the story telling format with the readers in mind. Based on the readers perspective and the bounce rate of the website, Google, Bing, or any other search engine will consistently show your Website in the Google Search.

Lower the Bounce Rate and More time spent by the User in the Site will Improve your Site rankings and the Click Through Rate (CTR) of the Website.

How is VM AFFLUENCE Unique in Content Writing Services?

  • We craft the best contents, and we make sure that your contents are plagiarism free.
  • Story telling based contents and not Keyword stuffed contents.
  • We make sure the Search Engine Crawls our quality content.
  • We ensure creativity in our every content writing.
  • We write the best pages for your website with the keywords in the Title, Description, Heading, Subheading, Excerpt, Links, Image Alt Tag, Caption and more.

What are our Content Writing Services?

  • Email Content Writing.
  • Blog/Article Content Writing.
  • LinkedIn Content Writing.
  • Medium Article Publishing.
  • Contents for the Social Media Pages.
  • Creative Content Writing.
  • Copywriting for the Ads and Campaigns.
  • Articles for the Media/Newspapers.
  • Twitter Content Writing.

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